Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sex, Tongues and Chocolate

Sex should not be just sex. It is ought to be a euphoric proliferation of intense emotions. Unsaid, unexplainable thoughts and ideas communicated through breath, eyes and limbs. And above all the quintessential tongue…yes the tongue! The most powerful muscle of the human body which communicates so well! (Roy…you dumbass! You never knew this until last week when you saw Sarah Jane blurting it out in some sillyass music channel program) The tongue which helps you to ‘taste’ sweet revenge, bitter truth or even honey laced success. Apart from the time that it gets as much at its disposal, from hard solids to pasty semisolids to fluid juices. Sometimes it can also involuntarily spew venom. But let’s not get into that.

One of my ex-girlfriends (Lets call her as EX) had this thing she used to do with her tongue. She used to lick my ears! (Before you go eww…my ears are quite clean, or she wouldn’t had done that in the first case) OK now licking ears in the act is supposed to be sexy and arousing. And many women like doing that and it works to an extent. EX was no exception and I was obliged to let be it for the fear of being a turn-off and losing out on the application of the most powerful muscle of her body on other profound places of me which demanded more attention. However EX, the poor pretty thing, was pretty determined and engrossed in wetting the insides of my ear, working her way, making heavy tympanic damages to my cochlea (to avoid confusion – COCHlea is a snail-shaped tube in the inner ear where sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses) and eardrums to a point that made it difficult to even hear my inner voice. White noise. No choice! It seemed much like an over-excited pet mongrel clamouring for attention, by breathing hot air and huge wet licks by its huge wet tongue on the face of the keeper.

Foreplay can be very hammed-up sometimes. Chocolate is supposed to be very ‘la amour’ sensuous, when it comes to foreplay. EX made sure she had a bite before slurping and sticking it up on the most powerful muscle of my body…no guessing, my tongue! Sometimes after heavy foreplays I had earfuls of Dairy Milk or Mars. It was quiet a job to clean the gooey stuff off my ears and their respective lobes. Though, I have never made known of my discomfort to her.

Well props like chocolate, ice, ice cream, wine are passé. Go to Amsterdam dude. You should visit Amsterdam at least once in your lifetime. The Dutch are truly unique and creative. They are dirty and free. Indulgence in pleasure is bountiful out there. Don’t stop at cheese…there are many more, from props to manuals to live demos. No wonder we Indians go Dutch so many times in our pursuit for intoxication! I don’t think EX ever knew of the Dutch.

Anyways as I was saying, apart from stupid fixations, artificial orgasms and whines are as lame. They will not reach you where you guys want to go. The key to a good experience lies in Tantra. You submit yourselves to each other with no inhibitions or false veil of shame. (“If you gotta do it, you gotta do it!” Like how the Yankees would like to say, though they are worse at it.) It is good to consider sex as something spiritual, a kind of cleansing of the souls, as I have said earlier… It ought to be a euphoric proliferation of emotions. Unsaid, unexplainable thoughts and ideas communicated through breath, eyes and limbs and yes the tongue! The most powerful…(OK I guess you have got that by now) The cleansing occurs when you see the act not as a primal requirement of your body - though it is one - but as a trip. A spiritual trip. Where you and your partner entwined as one, soar unto the skies of limitless positive energy. It’s like the movie ‘Cocoon’ where the aliens make love by intense concentration at a single point of contact within the mind. When you and your partner are on the same plane of prolific mutual engagement, what you have is not sex but it’s a spiritual experience. It is Goddess Worship. Making your woman realize how good she makes you feel and you in turn devote yourself in her adoration. Many of us don’t recognize this fact because of the perpetual sojourns of the restless mind. That is when sex becomes an act instead of an experience.

Before I go ahead here are some noteworthy facts about India: Tantra and Kama Sutra were conceived here. Men and Women both had long hair and were clothed only waist-down. Cleavage was passé. (He he…ok I’m not sure about the last one)

Now, this might be a bit off topic, but still I would like to talk of the twisted form of sexuality in our society. Enough has been said to a point of ostracizing the carnal pleasures of love making due to the ever prevailing double standards of our society. Take the traditional Indian example of arranged marriage. Here man meets woman under the consent and watchful eyes of their parents and they ‘sleep together’ on their very Suhaag Raat i.e. the wedding night. How does it work out? Well it starts with sleeping as strangers and then loving and caring for each other for the rest of their lives. Sounds sick! Now take the case of a very urban ‘technologically and intellectually’ advanced city where man meets woman. Complete strangers fall in love and into bed as well! Sounds sick as well? Well it might, for the selfsame Indian couple who were perfect strangers to body, mind and soul on the very day of their defloration. Their Wedding Night! Cheers and get some chocolate please!

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