Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Revolution is Rising...

A clarion call for this May 2010!

Finally out in India.


Much Love, Respect and Appreciation to all who've been with me on this.


Nima (jaana, where art thou?)

Its been a long while that I've met this crazy lovely being. Though the band is no more it makes total sense as everything still remains in ether.

Nima Lavafpour this one's for you!

**What started as a fun research with my deeply spiritual whacked out friends...became a life changing force. This video is a rough collage of what I shot in 2007.**

Nafir means sweet freedom. So does the music of this quartet from Iran exude. Comprising of:

Nafir is based in India and travels across the country spreading the power of love and spirituality through musical compositions of divine intensity and display of sheer energy. They weave a braid of harmonious notes entwining Traditional Persian Music with Jazz and Rock. Sonnets that they sing are mostly inspired or quoted by great Sufi mystics like Rumi, Hafiz, and the likes. Surprisingly and pleasantly you will find some Sanskrit mantras too.

And rightly so Nafir creates the right Sema (ambiance) for any music festival, for a pulse-racing adrenaline rush entwined with spiritual zest. Hu!!!

Nima on Vocals and Daf (Persian Drum)
Sahar on Vocals and Flute
Farboud on Guitars and Backing vocals
Mazdak on Tanboor and Khamanche (Persian String Instruments)

Video by Roy, Girish, Dilip & Dev.
Research, bewilderment & friendliness: Roy & sometimes Nima.