Sunday, March 11, 2007

Black Metal

I strongly believe I am a follower.

It transcends me to a different world. A world of never-ending winters, blizzards, snow covered woods and fields, night and the full moon, log cabins, dark clothing, display of weapons and armoury, something hugely medieval... It also gives me the feeling of perpetual desolation...and helps me to enjoy the feeling all the more.

In India, I must say...its pretty difficult to derive "that" feeling.

Mainly for 3 reasons : Atmosphere, Absolute Solitude, Music.

I remember trying to get as close to the feeling of such nature during the rains roaming in the hills that lie between Bombay and Pune while listening to an obscure band called Limbonic Art. (Voices : I require the solace of the shadows, so the night can be revealed!!!) It was an enthralling experience. It was cold...foggy and the mood...intoxicating with anandamide (Voice : Do I have to mention that?)

So, Atmosphere: Yes!

Absolute Solitude: Definitely Yes. Coz there wasn't any scope for any kind of human intervention apart from my good old horde of two more. It was gettin dark and it was magickal.

Music: Was carrying: Profanum Aeternum - Eminence of Satanic Imperial Art & Limbonic Art - Epitome of Illusions.

Now where do you find such peace and desolation without any questions asked...anywhere in India. And if you do...You are one hell of a lucky Black Metal head! Here, in the cities you dodge between heavy traffic and cattle and more cattle who think they are office goers. Forget about gothic structures.

People gaze at me, at the intricate artwork on my full sleeve black T-shirt, then a fleeting glance all over and they start all over again. Imagine if I play Black Metal for them! ( I have people issues since eons) * A blog will be dedicated to PEOPLE*

So now, Atmosphere, Absolute Solitude, Music : Fail Miserably!

Like I always say...If you never experienced the allure of epic fantasy, insane screams, gothic atmosphere, the allure of forests and woods, desolations, living in log cabins, winter nights, blizzardous nights, the love of darkness and occult...then you probably would never know Black Metal.

Mighty Morbid Hails.

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The Red Army said...

Mindblowing blog post and thanks for the information about Profanum Aeternum and Limbonic Art