Sunday, May 1, 2011

Old Poetry....:)

One of the most frequent things you do in life is to 'miss'.

A few words I jotted down some days back. These were dotty little firebugs of thoughts whizzing past my head. As if I were travelling through the birth of a new star – cosmo-jacketed and piercing through clouds of nebula dust – swooping in with a prized catch of glowing bugs attached to my black suit.

Well, let me share those thoughts, bugs and sparks with all ye matey’s!!!

Miss, I miss you. I miss her too.
I miss the morning mist, I miss the dew.

However what's never to miss.

I miss infant joys.
I miss my childhood laughter. I miss my mother’s caring lap.
I miss my convent, I miss kiddie friends whose faces I barely remember.

I miss my bicycle, I miss the tramping track.
I miss my father’s jokes that he used to crack.

I miss the lazy chats, on reed mats in searing summers.
I miss innocent winters and dry leaves of heather.

I miss the April storms as the rain-clouds gather.
I miss watching them and enjoy being sadder.

Sometimes I miss God. I believe I miss Satan too.

I miss all that is real and above all I miss you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


dropping this month on Indian soundscapes.


Liquid Stranger : Hexed & Perplexed - feat. Deeyah

Jalebee Cartel : Mirrors - B.R.E.E.D Remix

Piyush Bhatnagar : Mixed Feelings - feat. Kaafila

Janaka Selekta : Awake - Karsh Kale's Morning Remix

Nuphlo : Homeland Insecurity

Radiohiro : I Am That I Am

David Starfire : Tumbi Blaster - feat. iCatching

Anuj Rastogi : Grasshopping - Slugstep Remix

Goonda : 21CFX feat. MC Zulu

dimmSummer : Rubstep - Slow Burn Mix

Goonda : Fearless feat. MC Zulu - Krts Brooklyn Bounce Remix