Sunday, March 11, 2007

Human Order (Lega Kya?)

I walk in to an upclass coffee bar or restaurant. There are three of us. I say waving, in a very friendly tone "Please could you take the order?" My other friend Gautam says ,"Order Please" in a very matter-of-fact straightout manner. And then there is Satya who says "CHOO CHOO ORDER LEGA KYA? (will you take the order?) Its Satya's time-proven way which gets us what we need.

Everybody likes to boss around. Every person likes to be heard as well. Still there are people who like to be bossed upon.

(Sweet dreams are made of these....

Some of them want to use you....

Some of them wanna get used by you.

Some of them want to abuse you

Some of them wanna be abused!

Sometimes we find a very humble and meek person behaving in a very different and unlikely manner. The reason is that it becomes his ardent and urgent need to satisfy his ego, which finds its way in doing so. Think of Hitler. Think of Fidel Castro. They all started out humble but smart introverts.

No one likes to be a doormat.

Here, let me ask a very vital question: Does doing precise things for someone without questioning, revolting or questioning make you a doormat?

One more question: Why does it become necessary to be a bit of an autocrat to organize and direct things your way?

Leaders are the ones who are great orators, teachers, motivators, organizers and keepers of people’s faith. One can’t be a leader if he doesn’t have all these qualities. If things are meant to be in a certain way...then it definitely has be in that way and no other. And Leaders know the way. Leaders streamline everyone’s thoughts and actions. So if you FOLLOW THE LEADER, you follow the right path. That means you believe in him. All said and done. Then why do they (leaders) get the tag of being a Dictator or an Autocrat?

According to Maslow, Man is constantly working towards satisfying his needs. The needs range from the very basic to the highest of all needs i.e. self-actualization. The needs are in order of the most basic needs like physical, to social and psychological which come much later.

FOOD WATER SHELTER SEX (physiological)

SECURITY AND SAFETY (psychological)

LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS (social and self-esteem)

SELF-ACTUALIZATION (this need depends on creativity and brainpower)

The final two needs are subjective and totally depends on the human environment and his nature.

There is one more theory (whose, I don’t remember) but it says humans are of two types:


Humans are pathologically lazy

They have to be coaxed to work

They fear punishment and hence they are bound to work.


Humans are hard working by nature.

They constantly work towards realizing their dreams.

They are hugely motivated for better gains.

Well when I look at it, I feel that TYPE B are rare. TYPE A are found in abundance. TYPE A requires autocratic treatment which I see in everyday life. I have seen people lagging behind for the lack of proper direction. I am no Jesus Christ but still it has helped every time I have intervened. This leads me to black books of people. They find it hard to understand that without precise control, workflow lags. I am no Dictator though.

I just try to bring things under control. Otherwise I am inert and you see me sitting quiet at a corner engrossed in deep ponder.

Whatever happened to the school of thought belonging to spiritual gurus, who preach "Love Peace and Tenderness" ?

Or is it India? Or it might be what Satya says, Just BALANCE!

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