Sunday, March 11, 2007

LUST and Love

All love dies after ejaculation...

It’s true. When it is Lust it is just Lust. Period. No other feelings or emotions.

Lust only serves the primal carnal desires of the flesh. It sees no caste, creed, race, colour or even sex to some. The ever-present dormant beast waiting in anticipation to derive pleasures of the flesh leaps out of our civilized selves to dive into the world of unexplainable reveries. People in love, many a times, are actually giving in (and giving head) to Lust in disguise. Women are confused as they always are; whether its affection or physical attraction. Especially if you are a great love maker, this confusion only my great dismay! Who wouldn’t like to have a partner who loves and shoves in massive and caring proportions?

Well to all the misled and misguided ones, here’s a sermon from Demonos Roy.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MAKING LOVE. Remember this next time when you are with your partner! Making Love. Its just a marketing jargon used extensively by condom advertisements. Imagine you “making love” and it starts with the characteristic kissing and fondling and the mellow whisperings of ‘I love yous’ to each other. Then it escalates to a point of thanksgiving to God namely, OH GOD! Oh God Fuck! Also how can I forget the repeated self inflictions of indignity viz. Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Tell me something, where does all the love go during these times? Blame it on role-play.

To me love is innocent, pure and unconditional. It transcends boundaries, barriers, body, and time. Lust cannot. Too much of purple Lust lies beneath the pink of Love. Why does everyone need to have someone attractive to be a partner-in-relationship?

So all Lust dies after ejaculation. Love remains.

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myrrh said...

considering the namesake fireworks are a distant flash... so does lust transcend thru the ages??