Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A New Beginning...A cafe in the hills!

coming soon....

Today I am excited. Starting a new lease of alternate life. Moving up North to the hills, finalized a place, zeroed in on the time - starting a cafe.
This would be my sweet revenge, need to regenerate brain cells that were mostly destroyed staying within corporate parameters.

This space will bring in more pics and details!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Old Poetry....:)

One of the most frequent things you do in life is to 'miss'.

A few words I jotted down some days back. These were dotty little firebugs of thoughts whizzing past my head. As if I were travelling through the birth of a new star – cosmo-jacketed and piercing through clouds of nebula dust – swooping in with a prized catch of glowing bugs attached to my black suit.

Well, let me share those thoughts, bugs and sparks with all ye matey’s!!!

Miss, I miss you. I miss her too.
I miss the morning mist, I miss the dew.

However what's never amiss...is to miss.

I miss infant joys.
I miss my childhood laughter. I miss my mother’s caring lap.
I miss my convent, I miss kiddie friends whose faces I barely remember.

I miss my bicycle, I miss the tramping track.
I miss my father’s jokes that he used to crack.

I miss the lazy chats, on reed mats in searing summers.
I miss innocent winters and dry leaves of heather.

I miss the April storms as the rain-clouds gather.
I miss watching them and enjoy being sadder.

Sometimes I miss God. I believe I miss Satan too.

I miss all that is real and above all I miss you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


dropping this month on Indian soundscapes.


Liquid Stranger : Hexed & Perplexed - feat. Deeyah

Jalebee Cartel : Mirrors - B.R.E.E.D Remix

Piyush Bhatnagar : Mixed Feelings - feat. Kaafila

Janaka Selekta : Awake - Karsh Kale's Morning Remix

Nuphlo : Homeland Insecurity

Radiohiro : I Am That I Am

David Starfire : Tumbi Blaster - feat. iCatching

Anuj Rastogi : Grasshopping - Slugstep Remix

Goonda : 21CFX feat. MC Zulu

dimmSummer : Rubstep - Slow Burn Mix

Goonda : Fearless feat. MC Zulu - Krts Brooklyn Bounce Remix