Friday, June 15, 2007

A Li'l More Conversation...

One of the most frequent things you do in life is to 'miss'.

A few words I jotted down some days back. These were dotty little firebugs of thoughts whizzing past my head. As if I were travelling through the birth of a new star – cosmo-jacketed and piercing through clouds of nebula dust – swooping in with a prized catch of glowing bugs attached to my black suit.

Well, let me share those thoughts, bugs and sparks with all ye matey’s!!!

Miss, I miss you. I miss her too.
I miss the morning mist, I miss the dew.

However what's never to miss.

I miss infant joys.
I miss my childhood laughter. I miss my mother’s caring lap.
I miss my convent, I miss kiddie friends whose faces I barely remember.

I miss my bicycle, I miss the tramping track.
I miss my father’s jokes that he used to crack.

I miss the lazy chats, on reed mats in searing summers.
I miss innocent winters and dry leaves of heather.

I miss the April storms as the rain-clouds gather.
I miss watching them and enjoy being sadder.

Sometimes I miss God. I believe I miss Satan too.

I miss all that is real and above all I miss you.


A Li'l Less Conversation...

She: Shite! someone just asked "me" if "I" were a feminist and I am wondering what makes ppl "jump to conclusions" or just be pure "judgemental" as if they are born to categorise the whole world.

Me: Well lemme tell you whosoever asked that...surely wants to start up a conversation with you and that was lame...I'll tell you of that person, 'coz he/ she is trying too hard...hehehe

She: my colleague yaar... she doesn’t need reasons to strike a conversation

Me: oh well why did you ask me if I were one?

She: a common friend posted in her orkut that she's a lesbian... so we had a lil debate over that

Me: Oh I see

She: and by end of it.. she tells me.. "are u a feminist"... more tellin me rather than asking, infact and then moralist... bugger asshole

Me: well I got an interesting theory then

one who is a feminist basically is a lover of human beings

because he/ she is actually tiffing over a specie

even Hitler contradickted himself

by being a specie lover...more lover than hater!


She: hmmm

Me: so you can tell your friend that you are and you aint a feminist at the same time

human beings love to tag

they have taught the computers to do that so well

She: i wonder..

is it but natural happiness for humans to tag other ppl.

now when the IT/ cyberworld is more neat and tidy than humans as they are outclassing their conceivers...its getting difficult for humans to maintain their fastidiousness.

you see what I mean?

She: ya rite

humans tag but can’t stick to it

coz they are still humans and way superior than machines

that’s why I have another theory…

Hate machines

but forgive humans!!

She: hmmm.. to err is to human

EXACTLY my dear!

Machines were designed to behave in a particular manner

humans weren’t

She: well I think humans behave more like machines off late

and trying their best to have the best technology,

but also behave as humanist as possible!

Me: humanist!

now that’s another tag

have you heard something called as misanthropist?

and agoraphobic?

well I am a bit of the first

and a lil of the last

a lil coz if I say I AM A misanthropist then I would be talking like a fool rite?

'coz then I shouldn't be talking to you or any one else for that matter!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Reign in Wine

Working at a vintner's corporate office is really cool. Especially when people look upon you as being a part of a genteel culture which invariably evokes admiring expressions on their faces. Well, I am no big connoisseur of wine; however I have had my own moments of glory. Tasting sessions, a walk through the vineyards, looking up world-renowned quality grapes up close, wine-nosing through cellars, and getting a heady trip out of walking in the sweet aroma of the winery, getting a headier trip out throwing varietal and wine names to an unsuspecting audience – all of the French elite jazz. I mean its good pristine fun and a sense of general human evolved-ness. It feels nice to distinct a Chardonnay from a Chenin Blanc or a Cabernet Sauvignon from a Merlot just by a blind taste. Its sheer foreplay you see.

Now that the mega wine fest is finally rolling due to some real back-breaking, relentless work by Madame Anushree and Monsieur Vivek, I am really happy how the agency has added great colours and look to my invitation write-up, as well. I always felt, the girl from the agency had an aura, a magnetic one too. I remember her eyes lighting up at the mention of the wine induced hedonistic grand plans for the festival, possibly one of the biggest and the costliest in India too. The fest promises to rain wines before the monsoon does, not in little goblets but by the tumbler!

This is whence Demonos quoth...
...“Here is where Bacchus overpowers the rain gods!”

Zeus holding infant Dionysus

Jim Morrison, was often compared himself (as well as by others) to Dionysus. Similarities between Morrison and Dionysus include love of song, wine, women, and a sense of poetry. Dionysus ended up becoming one of Morrison's nicknames.