Sunday, March 11, 2007

Disclaimer: Flog The Blog

This blog does not contain material from elsewhere. They are my life incidences and dreams.

They might be disturbing for few sections of society and walks of life. But my voices don't know how to please.

My will is good.

The voices do not belong to any group pertaining to religions, politics, cults, beliefs, et al. Do not whine to me. Either cry alone or to your members.

Posts would be shamelessly, mercilessly, ironically, satirically, comically and erotically true. Nothing but Brutal Truth. Voices.

Signed By:


28th May 2006.

Read the Disclaimer well!!!

Finally. My blog. My own mindspace. Say the proliferation of knowledge or pure trashbin material. Do I care??? he he. (Chris tucker VOICE: he he This feels good I'm on prime time! Momma...HI!) Sorry...I've told you about them.

Voice: Need to shave, shower and go for jamming...not now Roy. You have a lot say but let it flow through...not on this beautiful sunday evening.

Morbid hails here I come MOFOS!!!

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