Monday, March 15, 2010

A sober weekend dream

I go to a salon and they do something to my hair that the 'do' becomes some what reed-like and its got a plume - a flaming red one. I take a walk on the street in the sun to show friends around. Some salon people and friends say "Hey this is a great shade...gawd fucking hair metal!

Something like this guy's ---

After a while the red turns into a shade of deep violet as it changes colours in the sun. Lo and Behold! I go back to the salon and tell them...listen the color is changing.

Get me something totally different! Get me satiated!! - I screamed.

They start cutting my hair really short this time - long at the front & short at the back, then they give me a nice shave leaving some of the mouch.

I look closely into the mirror, I see myself in sepia and fully satisfied I put my military jacket on and walk out with my right arm in the air.

Everyone else raised their hand back in salute as I walked out.

I woke up and rushed to check my new haircut. But was still the same old.
I burst out laughing in realization!

I looked somewhat like this in my dream.


neha said...

roses are red, violets are blue, the world wants to fuck you & you get fucked too !!!

...Demonos said...