Monday, March 24, 2008

A spring in remembrance

Without you, my love, I shall not find another
Who'll give peace to my soul and indulge me

I've gone and seen it all
America, Russia, Malaysia
There wasn't a difference
They all had a condition in forfiet

Some asked for my time
Some were fascinated with how I look
Some demanded my fidelity
But none wanted my demons

Besides you
No one else
Wanted my demons
Without you
No one else
Shall shade me in the sun

The way you waited a few moments I won't forget
I shan't forget all my life
When you said, looking away
"You shall weep in my memory"
I laughed a strange laugh
But you didn't
You had a secret in your heart
Why didn't you tell me

Without you
No one shall
Reveal this secret to me
Without you
What druid has the cure to my ills
Today I found a note of yours
In which you had scribbled
A Varis Shah couplet
Upon reading which a teardrop fell
What was locked in my eyes
Was revealed today

That these tears of mine
Will be kissed by no one else but you
That, till then these tears of mine
Will wither in the dust.

This author's translation of Rabbi Shergill's Tere Bin.

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