Monday, March 24, 2008

Grand Endless Light (noor-un-ala)

The omnipresence
Your Omnipresence
In all the four directions
You are the grand instrument of light

This showering brilliance cleaves the darkness
You're yonder, You're beyond
Oh this light! What a luminescence!

I ask, is there anyone else other than you?
And when I did
It silenced the dark, blushed the light away to shyness

I asked the birds, where's the sky abound
I asked the silence, then where is the sound?
From flowers, leaves, colours came this ever-blooming song

I raised the veil that revealed what else but your splendour
I raised a step towards where else but your haven
I raised an eye only to what else but your face

In the hum of the bumblebee
In the tinkering of the bangles

In the body and soul of lovers
In the eyes of the woman separated from her beloved
In melody and in symphony
There is just you
You only You

In the heart's crazy pondering
And mind's ceaseless wandering is you
So lift me away from these will you
Life has forever been a mystery
and has been to this day
To empathize, is there a need?
If empathized, who's got the need?
Those who have, some say its love
And some say its prayer

Oh this spell of passionate frenzy
Your grace is only the only way
And that is Love.

(This author's translation of Noor-un-ala by M.F. Hussain. OST Film - Meenaxi.
Picture courtesy Ravneet Kaur, Jahan-e-Khusro)

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