Friday, June 1, 2007

Reign in Wine

Working at a vintner's corporate office is really cool. Especially when people look upon you as being a part of a genteel culture which invariably evokes admiring expressions on their faces. Well, I am no big connoisseur of wine; however I have had my own moments of glory. Tasting sessions, a walk through the vineyards, looking up world-renowned quality grapes up close, wine-nosing through cellars, and getting a heady trip out of walking in the sweet aroma of the winery, getting a headier trip out throwing varietal and wine names to an unsuspecting audience – all of the French elite jazz. I mean its good pristine fun and a sense of general human evolved-ness. It feels nice to distinct a Chardonnay from a Chenin Blanc or a Cabernet Sauvignon from a Merlot just by a blind taste. Its sheer foreplay you see.

Now that the mega wine fest is finally rolling due to some real back-breaking, relentless work by Madame Anushree and Monsieur Vivek, I am really happy how the agency has added great colours and look to my invitation write-up, as well. I always felt, the girl from the agency had an aura, a magnetic one too. I remember her eyes lighting up at the mention of the wine induced hedonistic grand plans for the festival, possibly one of the biggest and the costliest in India too. The fest promises to rain wines before the monsoon does, not in little goblets but by the tumbler!

This is whence Demonos quoth...
...“Here is where Bacchus overpowers the rain gods!”

Zeus holding infant Dionysus

Jim Morrison, was often compared himself (as well as by others) to Dionysus. Similarities between Morrison and Dionysus include love of song, wine, women, and a sense of poetry. Dionysus ended up becoming one of Morrison's nicknames.




Anonymous said...

Hmmm...even your write reflects love for wine...women...poetry...& also seem to be asociated with Jim Demonos also can be named Dinoysus...wat say???

...Demonos said...

lucid hedonism ...all the way baby!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...surely Yes,well i envy your tooth fairy she took each of my tooth & i am left with a toothless grin...i envy her dazzling smile

Anonymous said...

My Demonos has nothing to say about it :(

...Demonos said...

This is public domain and I don't let anybody be privy to my personals unless I know you well. If you wanna talk we have myriads of messengers available.

Just a little piece of sound advice.

However I would appreciate your comments on my posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey...not beng privy just wanted to know d Demonos behind the write....thnx for the advice....i think you took me wrong...neways d comments willl be shoered maybe not on you but on your write.

...Demonos said...

Now thats like a good girl!
You are welcome!