Friday, June 15, 2007

A Li'l More Conversation...

One of the most frequent things you do in life is to 'miss'.

A few words I jotted down some days back. These were dotty little firebugs of thoughts whizzing past my head. As if I were travelling through the birth of a new star – cosmo-jacketed and piercing through clouds of nebula dust – swooping in with a prized catch of glowing bugs attached to my black suit.

Well, let me share those thoughts, bugs and sparks with all ye matey’s!!!

Miss, I miss you. I miss her too.
I miss the morning mist, I miss the dew.

However what's never to miss.

I miss infant joys.
I miss my childhood laughter. I miss my mother’s caring lap.
I miss my convent, I miss kiddie friends whose faces I barely remember.

I miss my bicycle, I miss the tramping track.
I miss my father’s jokes that he used to crack.

I miss the lazy chats, on reed mats in searing summers.
I miss innocent winters and dry leaves of heather.

I miss the April storms as the rain-clouds gather.
I miss watching them and enjoy being sadder.

Sometimes I miss God. I believe I miss Satan too.

I miss all that is real and above all I miss you.



Anonymous said...

I miss d portraits drawn....
The pictures etched in abstract..
The music of the harp,the wine shared in the tavern...
I miss your chuckle,I miss your breathe
I miss the voices of your dark..
I miss you...I love you.

Sorry if i offended you with this comment...but I meant every word & your write made me write.

...Demonos said...

I'm dazed and speechless.

...Demonos said...

I know who you are. I am expecting your mail. We can talk, 'coz the dust has settled, I believe.

Anonymous said...

The dust is yet to settle

I would like to travel to you....

This time instead of a rose please don't hold a scythe in your hand...

...Demonos said...

Incorrect grammar here. Two negations in the same sentence...hence I would would be a scythe again.

pixiehere said...

a li'l more conversation just left a resonance, the relfections of similiar feelings.
an attempt, but frail..
to sketch a memory trail

Anonymous said...

Why the hell have you stopped blogging? its going to be almost 2 months now...

...Demonos said...

I don't report to this blog....!!!

Well its nice to take a break sometimes. Be all by yourself.