Monday, February 15, 2010

Thou Shalt NOT Kill

I do not want to write sincere homages or any of the mawkish blabber.


This one is for ISLAMIC HARDLINERS - you are following a wrong religion and God, if there is any, in your case.

If you think you are following HIS Will then you are wrong. You are just following orders no better than clerks.

Just that clerks don't kill people. So you are worse at your job.

Growing a beard and shaving off your moustache might be religio-scientific for you. But you cannot get others to follow your trend because it is definitely not cool.

You are not Alexander Mcqueen. RIP.

To Pansy Islamic wife-beaters - We will build 10 more German Bakeries and have 20 more cross cultural zones & 100 more Panzer Division Tanks to blow your balls off.

Trust me guys, if it weren't for oil, America would've kicked your rotten ass decades back.

Israel will anyways fuck your well-being pretty soon. And we will be with them.

Don't go running & crying to Allah, coz he'll be sipping some tea and enjoying Sufi music with me.

No matter how bad you multiply, your terrormonging generals generally die in the most uncool way. Ass up face down, bloodied.

Your jannat is a disheveled neglected morgue. Your martydom is a but a pile of bones in some forgotten corner of an army base.

Ass up face down, bloodied.

Miss you GB, looking forward to a quick recovery!

And to all my Muslim friends no offence meant please.


Aditya Mehta said...

Just great...everyone starts to panic when something like this happens. Suddenly places have been put on high alert. If I were a terrorist, I'd wait for some time and then bomb another place, so I'm not really expecting any more blasts, but I won't even be too surprised if there are more.

Really sad to hear of people dying this way.

Aditya Mehta said...

Another thing...I wish there were stricter laws. The fact that Kasab is still alive lets us know how slowly things work here. Enough timepass everybody's done. Kasab should've been hanged in 3-6 months after 26/11.

...Demonos said...

Kasab, Ansari, IM, LeT, HM....list goes on.

Worst part is now its not limited to border towns, but cool places that people like you and I love to visit. leopolds and now german bakery.

valerii said...

This makes me so sad..OMG so many killed and injured, in a fantastic place for all the world to visit and enjoy communication and happy connection.

My sorrow and my condolences to all those who lost people, to all those in hospital trying to pull through - prayers and blessings being sent your way.

And for you who think this is the right PATH - to kill, maim, injure, to destroy well-being and good feeling - whatever your cause is, you create the foundation for all sane and caring people to be against you, you initiate the discrimination you say you don't want, you create injustice where there was a chance for peace and justice. YOU are creating the world you don't want your children to live in - please change your ways, your thinking, your approach - it is the approach of evil and completely wrong.

I don't want to pre-judge - but know this is against the Qu'ran and every other holy book. These are/were ALL God's people - demonstrate your care and love and create the change we need, don't destroy more to create more hatred!

Again my heart goes out to all those who have lost someone dear, and potential that we need so much for peace and kindness - please please, create what you WANT TO SEE, not what you hate!
Can we please stop being stupid!!? Wake up and BE CARING WITH EACH OTHER!

love and support to my friends and all of you - Valerie, USA

neha said...

Some kick-ass stuff there Roy.. But its high time we spoke their language now in the examples of a cruel death for Qasab - at least to start off with. And here we have our govt inviting militants to come settle with their families in PoK all thanks to the wonderful applaudable politicians of this country.
This one is not about the Muslim sect (no offense meant to the community) but about those who randomly go about painting places with the blood of innocent lives; places like Leopold, German Bakery; people sipping on their coffees, enjoying their beers, travelling in local trains who have no friggin' clue on weapons n terrorism & the so-called-politics, who are notihng more than 'common people".
High time that the we, the common people spoke up. My Thumbs Up to this one.

...Demonos said...

Thanks Val and Neha for your support.

@Val - was touching when you said "I'll never get to see the place."

@Neha - hope my Muslim friends don't get offended.

valerii said...

Dear Demonos - i WILL come to see the place, i will see the rebuilt place, and leave flowers or offer chai blessing!

I WILL be in Pune, i WILL visit my friends, I will support the rebuilt bakery. For it is fear tht is the enemy here, and all those tht use it as a tool (and i leave out no one, it is a time past for us to engage in the level of fear and blame and intimidation and to see how many many lives we have ALL spent playing each role). That being so, reincarnation and karma what it is, we must draw from each other and support not just courage, but courage coupled to wisdom which is valor, and compassion an essential ingredient, forgivenes and clarity the leavening. Please hug the owners for me or 'Namaste' from across the ocean.

SO i will visit Pune as soon as i can (perhaps sooner than i plannned...) and give an offering to rebuild a place that meant intercultural comunication and reverence for our planet in simply connecting, simply as humans, without all this garbage.

cIn fact, let us cut away all those garbage bags that follow us individually, which we drag behind us- of history, lineage, hierarchy, 'authority' assumption, revenge - you drag them behind you and they slow your evolution -instead cut themo ff cleanly and you will see the joy and harmony and beauty nad full creativity and solutions to our planet's problems that we can BE.

Please, give my best to the owners, perhaps in their secret hearts they knew they could be more, and now is the time to create this new 'Bakery' (what is the bun in the oven, the new BIRTH that awaits us??) that maybe they thought was merely business? But now they are a symbol, something with so much more power and potential for awakening and reclaiming our harmony and Oneness.

Let those that try to destroy realize that each attempt allows our hearts to grow closer, and as the shadow defines the figure, defines what we do want, which is creating TOGETHER in love and peace and communication. The shadown outlines the Light- let s take our cue from that.

Beyond peace to hope, i look forward to meeting many of you in Pune. Within each death is REBIRTH let us make it so. in beauty and wisdom, clarity and compassion, always -Valerie

P.S. let us not choose THEIR path - what is the CREATIVE path? and this is not for my wise Muslim brothers and sisters - live up to the potential of your own path, and speak out about such abominations to set the truth straight.

neha said...

Like i said.. This is not about the muslim sect.. But about those who don't belong to any religion, any community, any sect. For what they do, they belong to no one.

Lex Talionis speaks... said...

May the innocent souls that departed RIP.

Such unfortunate incidents keep happening in our country and we dont see anyone doing anything about it!!

Politicians (GOONDAS) like Raj Thackeray and Bal Thackeray are just warming their asses on their thrones and talk big about the son of the soil and such bullshit...Now where the fuck are they??

I really hope that one day a new dawn rises and our country will wake the fuck up and put an end to this terrorism.

For islamic terrorists- GO FUCK YOUR ALLAH...HE LIKES IT UP HIS ASS!!!

RIP again to the ones who died in the blast. May they find eternal peace.

A friend from Pune said...

Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. &, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded, because the elements -– the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution and for life -– weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars, & the only way for them to get into your body is if those stars were kind enough to explode. So, forget Jesus. The stars died so that you could be here today.