Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miss Ann Trophy!

Getting your hook off social and public view gives me immense pleasure.
Yesterday I deleted my last existing social networking account. Trust me, the feeling is a mix of a certain lightheadedness in a good way and freedom from a certain social responsibility to represent. The very fact that I'm writing again proves how much of useful time abounds and remains untapped.

Social networking is based on being judgmental. And I'm not saying this out of any grief or hatred against anyone - I've had my very fair share of glamorous-pompous facebooking across spheres of influences. And why was it judgmental all the way - let me exemplify...

Character 1
Friends - 1546
Activity - Hyper
Status update - bright sunny happy.
Wants to be perceived as - Most happening, love cared, watched, charm of all parties.
Actually is - confused, lost, unwanted.

Character 2
Activity - Zero
Status Update - been the same since a couple of years
Wants to be perceived as - I don't really care
Actually is - Extremely busy in mundane affairs.

Character 3
Activity - Hyper
Status Update - Changes every moment depending on mood
Wants to be perceived as - A great social networker in the history of social networking.
Actually is - A great social networker with a bad social life.

Character 4
Activity - dormant
Status Update - last party attended when logged in.
Wants to be perceived as - a party animal.
Actually is - a party animal.

Character 5
Activity - busy
Status Update - links/ urls
Wants to be perceived as - information provider.
Actually is - in search of more info and similar links/ urls.

There might be more categories to which I didn't get time to characterize or there might be more characters to which I didn't get time to categorize.

So till the next time that I come forth with some more useless information that you would never require, please stare at the image below for a while carefully...he actually moves if you watch carefully.

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