Monday, May 14, 2007

Dulce Et Decorum Est

"It is sweet and right"

Life is insane, simple, chaotic, static. And it’s all good.

Or is it?

Now, this would not be one of those esoteric faff-infested explanations on life. No more pseudo-spiritual/ intellectual trips which land you down hard knocking the shit our of your bottom bags of organic waste.
Arise, Awake!!!

Can't you see what life is doing to you?
Now that your eyes are wide open,
Why don't you give something back in return, and not give-in!

The seeker trails on for answers.
Dig, collect, discover and move on.
It is so beautiful.

Don't let your skills waste.
Don't let your thoughts loom.

Patil is very subtle over his gutkha spitting habits.
Banerjee, you can save your energy over tax payments.

Big cities are the worst and the best places to live when it comes to a totally consumed mind.
Consumed by who else, but life of course! You clamour for space and also for some company. Sometimes you get both, the other times you get some. But you are never left alone.
Well on that note, villages can be very self-destructive.
However it leans a lot on the amount of strain one’s head can handle.

Death is very real. More real than life. It is the undeniable truth.
I believe one should die more often, no…not out of cowardice.
(Cowards die many deaths in a lifetime...some moral science feed, this!)

In fact one has to be brave enough to die enough, isn't it?
One should die many deaths to be alive, it is like a makeover. A makeover of the inner self. With which you gather enough strength to rule.
You see, I am trying hard not to tread on to the path of pseudo-intellectuality all over again.

This post is far from intellectual. Chuckles to himself.

Peace, Love, Idleness!

War, Strength, Elitism…\m/

Dulce Et Decorum Est

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